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From the mid-90s to 2004 I owned the domain The company began in Chicago as a digital publishing company in 1997. I designed and built websites (with chat in ’98 and blogs in ’02), ebooks and print books and a journal (Lighting Up). I really wanted to create software and games. By 2000, I had applied for a patent on, loosely speaking, ebook software. It was really a system for collating and collecting all your notes and highlights from all the texts you read, in one place, called the Personal Knowledge Index; it would have made them fully searchable. It included a unique way of enumerating and referencing texts.

I’ve reproduced the patent application below. Scroll down for ebook hardware, software iteration from 2000; the curious among you will note that the Firetrap ebook  bears some resemblance to a later ebook’s first incarnation with a similar name.  I had begun publishing via with ebooks and the brand new print-on-demand technology in 2001 (before itself). In late 2003 I was denied a patent for “filing in the wrong category”...during the 23-month wait, I had begun work on psychology-based software...Life in A Box.

I don’t think any existing ebook device does what Firetrap’s ebook would have done...

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