Portfolio Overview

  1. Psychsoft page : App screengrabs, menus; posters, presentation slides for selected psychology-related projects

  2. Firetrap page: a brief history of an internet publishing company, digital and print projects and ruminations and documents from the patent attempt on ebook software

  3. R-W-M page: students upset about their college writing text at one university asked me to come up with an alternative: handouts, worksheets, FAQs and other documents related to that alternative, The Reading-Writing-Meaning Triangle

  4. Informatik page: briefly, an outlook on Prototyping and Usability, under the rubric of the Informatik Framework (more). It was developed in graduate school; the most developed current idea related to HCI/d is the discussion of  “aesthetic coercion” in Part III of  Is It A Mudslide?; when ‘good design’ subverts  end-users’ interests. . .

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M.F.A. Creative Writer trained in M.S. Human-Computer IxD

Interested in Psychology-based Apps, AI, Generative Chat

From our friends at Intentional_d, some inspirational posters (?) to help us remember ethical design, and maybe what to watch out for as folks who live on-line? Aesthetic Coercion Kills Minds (Series, Vore 2018). More in blog The Can-Can Koan from Informatics411.

Latest Informatics411 Sandbox (A John Michael Vore Blog)

  1. NEW The Can-Can Koan - what does it take to be a product designer? +Bonus - 3 terms to talk about the limits of design: Aesthetic Coercion, Coercive Valleys and Ulterior Data (some puns,too...?)

  2. Towards a Digital Sorting of Sexual Cues  - mapping desire for digital products

  3. The News: 7 Part Series -  Before, After, Intermezzo, Secrets, Sex, Mirrors, Hysterias; how news has changed in the internet age with insights on digital judgment, truth, and craziness

  4. Is it A Mudslide? - tech rotten apples; aesthetic coercion, autocorrect fail (consequences), possible new AI direction; cautionary tale


  1. Designing & writing a book for Autistic kids about a chicken who criss-crosses America  searching for truth   


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  1. Contact information in CV below. Note: this is a greatly simplified portfolio; years of traffic showed folks just didn’t want to see 3 pages per project.  Thanks for taking a look! -JMV

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