The Reading-Writing-Meaning Triangle

After writing speeches for a Midwest Governor, I began writing for alternate publications in the Midwest, became a Managing Editor, then went to graduate school for an MFA at the University of Notre Dame. After writing several books I wanted to publish my friends and started Firetrap in 1997. I had taught writing at the university level on the side, largely at a Midwest urban university but also a small college in Pennsylvania.

A seminal moment occurred when students at one university were required to buy an expensive text which none of them liked. After repeatedly hearing gripes and after listening to pleas for something better, I began devising the Reading-Writing-Meaning Triangle. It hopes to be a method for teaching writing in a way which focuses on fundamentals, figuring out your writing blocks and discovering work-arounds. I always imagined that by the end of the course, students would have their very own, self-tailored Writer’s Toolkit. Below are some worksheets handouts and FAQs from the teaching of writing via the R-W-M Triangle. Some documents were created for teaching literature as an original kind of analysis of Narcissus and Echo (. . .) reaching back to my first years as a grad student (Vore 1993; 2001); at the end is a poster for a never-delivered talk on thinking through the implications of the Reading-Writing-Meaning Triangle and something I call the Aural-Visual-Kinesthetic framework...


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